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Toilet Bombs

Toilet Bombs

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Clean your toilet like a pro with our toilet bombs.

Powerful against smells, tough on grime and merciless against limescale build-up.



+ What you'll receive:

  • 30 Probiotic Toilet Bombs

+ Ingredients

Made with 5 strains of probiotics from the Belgian Ardennes. Our ingredients are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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Thanks to smaller and lighter packaging.


100% natural ingredients for a 100% clean planet. Safe for kids, pregnant mothers, and pets. Plus, you’ll be less prone to sniffles and sneezes.


Our probiotics delve deep into your microfibers, nooks and crannies. Not just the moment you clean, but for up to 7 days.

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  • Delivered in 3-4 working days

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Lazy cleaners naturally have time to give feedback.

Already more than 20,000 lazy cleaners cleaning cleaner:


Our Toilet Bomb will blow you away

Powered by probiotics.

  • Tough on grime, prevents limescale

  • No plastic

  • Naturally fresh scent

Powerful in its simplicity

Cleaning your toilet has never been so simple.

  • Launch your probiotic bomb

  • Scrub thoroughly

  • Ta-da!

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Frisse geur en makkelijk gebruik

Helaas krijg ik (nog?) niet alle aanslag in de pot opgeruimd met de bom, maar toilet ruikt fris en mintig. Prima opwekkende en frisse geur en vooral niet die typisch chemische geur.
Tabletten vallen wel heel makkelijk uit elkaar en ik heb nu diverse tabletten grotendeels in poedervorm. Even kijken hoe ik hier het beste mee kan omgaan.

Hadewych Truyens

Wc makkelijk proper te krijgen. Geen gekleurde aanslag meer op plaatsen waar we met de borstel aankunnen.

Toilet product

werkt inderdaad zeer goed!!! had wat aanslag en die is nu al verbeterd - ziet er beter uit. Bedankt!

Sabine Reypens

Our Family is very into bio and we try to clean with good product to work on a better world. Start by your self how small it is. So with Yokuu we add a part in this direction.

Nathalie Slootmans
Easy cleaning

I had been a fan of the other yokuu products but wanted to try the toilet bombs because our cleaning lady never really properly cleaned the toilet leading to build up and some smell (also because it is rinsed with unfiltered rain water). The bombs did the trick and the blackness underneath the water plus the smell went away. What I don’t like about the bombs is that they only clean under the water. I am now using the bathroom cleaner for the rest of the toilet. In our more regular used toilet I did have to add some vinegar afterwards to get rid of all the limescale buildup.

Huh?! Probiotics for cleaning?

YOKUU’s products harness the power of billions of good bacteria.

  • Keeps cleaning for up to 7 days

  • For a healthy indoor microbiome

  • No harmful chemicals

Pssstt... Here's the answers you're looking for

Hey, I'm Joris - the founder of YOKUU!

Whilst writing my bio-engineer thesis, I discovered that 99% of bacteria are healthy... So why are we so obsessed with killing them?  

Here's a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

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+ How should I store the tablets?

Our Toilet Bombs come in a paper-recyclable bag. Simply reseal the bag and store it in a dry place.

+ Are YOKUU's bacteria safe?

The bacteria in our products are 100% safe - so safe that they're technically edible (but we wouldn't recommend it). 

+ How long do the products keep?

Once opened, we recommend using the products within 2 years.

+ Will I need to use any other products to keep my toilet clean?

Typically, there is no need to do anything else after using the toilet bomb. However, if you notice there is still some dirt remaining, you can use YOKUU's Bathroom Cleaner. Simply spray it under the rim of your toilet, let it sit for a short while, and then use a brush to remove it. This method works well against tough limescale.

+ What if I'm not 100% satisfied?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We're that sure you'll love our probiotic cleaners. 

+ Can I use this product if I have a septic tank?

Yes! Once flushed, the good bacteria in the toilet bomb continue to purify and will help to maintain the proper functioning of a septic tank.


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